What is gift-it?

Do you have to buy a gift for someone, but have no idea where to start?  Maybe it is a gift for your wife or girlfriend, your husband or boyfriend, a gift for mom or dad, grandma or grandpa, son or daughter, a grandson or granddaughter, your friend, your boss, some random dude named Topher, or anyone else.  The gift-it website is the fastest method for finding the right gift at the best price based on your gift recipient's profile!  In 3 easy steps, gift-it's Gift Solution Engine™ will give you customized gift options based on the characteristics of your gift recipient and will display the corresponding prices at top online retailers.  Just click the "Go to Site" button and you're seconds away from finalizing your gift purchase. 

Why gift-it?

"Studies" have shown that the incremental happiness that one receives from giving a gift is inversely proportional to the amount of time one spends tracking down what they feel is the right gift to give.  Why is "studies" in quotes?  Well, our "lawyers" told us we could make up anything we wanted and as long as we put it in quotes we're off the hook.  That said, it is a plausible theory.  Think about it.  Aren't you more excited when you know just what to buy someone instead of spending hours sifting through gift sites/store shelves and ultimately settling on something just so you can be finished searching?  With gift-it, there's virtually no decision-making that has to be done and you can have a great, fitting gift on the way to your recipient in less than a minute.


Do I have to pay something to use gift-it?
  • Not in the least bit.  Our site is free for everyone to use and we never intend to charge for helping you find that right gift.
Is your site secure/what do you do with my personal information?
  • Our website does not collect personal information from you so have no fear.  All of your purchases will be done through our partner sites and we partner with the largest retailers on the web (Amazon, etc.).  The only information we collect is your name and email address and ONLY if you signup for our newsletter (which you should, because we have awesome things to tell you about).  We will NEVER give/sell your information to any company not directly related to gift-it.
Why do I sometimes see a gift price that is out of the price range that I selected?
  • gift-it's proprietary Gift Solution Engine (fancy schmancy coding stuff) generates gift ideas by searching through partner websites' product inventory.  Once the perfect gift options are located, gift-it then pulls the most current pricing information via partner websites' software component called an API (Application Programming Interface).  Unfortunately, when the partner categorizes their product in a price range that is different than the price pulled through the API it leads our price displays to be out-of-sync with the requested price range.  In future versions of the website, we will correct this issue so that even when our partners mislabel prices we will still match the range-to-price accurately.  Was that to too technical?  Well, then let's just say that one of the hamsters on the wheel keeping the Gift Solution Engine running took the day off.  Better explanation?  Great, thanks.